Infrared Heater Warehouse is Large and In Charge!

The 2014 season is going to be our biggest ever.

2013 brought with it a mass of highlights including a strong performance by the low-priced Dr. Heater 968 as well as the evolution of an industry in its infancy. As more and more consumers begin to uncover the true potential infrared heat can supply, the heaters are getting stronger, better equipped with upgrades and new features and increasingly durable. Whether it’s improvements to an existing line or gigantic leaps forward with a new model, it’s amazing to see where we’re headed!

With all that said, we here at Infrared Heater Warehouse are never ones to glaze over the issues. With new manufacturers jumping into the mix every year, it’s important to go with a name you trust. With us, we make sure a brand has been in the game long enough for our expert team to evaluate their sustainability and product performance. Otherwise, you’re left with a faulty product and no one to warrant it. Still yet, other manufacturers claim that their infrared heaters are able to heat upwards of 1,500 – even 1,800 – square feet! We’re here to tell you that it’s not possible. Many websites promote these claims for one purpose only: to make the sale. We promise to never overhype, overshadow or otherwise stretch the truth on the reality of what these infrared heaters are capable of.

Type Of Fuel # of BTU's Amount Used Efficiency Factor and Unit Cost Cost
Propane 90,000 1 gallon 80% / 2.25 gal $2.81
Heating Oil 90,000 1 gallon 70% / 2.50 gal $3.57
Kerosene 90,000 1 gallon 85% / 2.15 gal $2.52
Electric 90,000 22.6 kW 78% / .08 / kW $2.31
Electric Infrared 90,000 22.6 kW 96% / .08 / kW $1.80

Caution aside, we are truly excited in the future of infrared heat for all the mom and pop shops, kid’s playrooms and welcoming living spaces out there. The claims that you can lower your energy bill with a supplemental heating source that’s both efficient and healthy…are true. We’ve actually had customers report gains upwards of 30% off their monthly heating bill! In a time when savings like these are most needed for our customers, we couldn’t be happier to be the source of this relief.

So regardless of your needs, we want to guide you toward the heating solution that fits your personal preferences. Our selection is bigger than ever this year and our support team is ready to tackle your every question. Our new Q and A section and live chat makes it easy to communicate with us in every way possible.

Our goal is to provide you the best buying experience on the web. It starts with a knowledgeable staff featuring more photos, extreme amounts of information and low prices and ends with a comfortable, money-saving alternative to your home’s heating needs.

Say hello to your new infrared heater. Say hello to Infrared Heater Warehouse!


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